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 📍 3D Test Fits

 📍Augmented Reality Walkthrough 

The amenities don't matter if the prospects don't know about them

100x Easier to understand than 2D,

100x Cheaper than speculative buildout 

Amenities Showcase

Immersive & engaging 3D exploration 

Visibility & Branding

Featured Listing includes customized design

Win more business | Lease space faster | Deliver better service


  • 360° photos for 3 amenities

  • Customized welcome & contact

  • Enhanced Visibility with Unlimited Views

  • PlaceTime Pro for 2 months



What you* will get:

  • 2 months Pro license FREE, for the beta iOS PlaceTime app 

  • Claim first property free, including first month hosting FREE, and:


$100 3D Test Fit​​ 

Up to 5,000 square feet


Free 360° Pano Images 

Up to 3 images

* Qualified commercial customers - we'll soon offer in-app self-service to import and place models and content, allowing us to serve owners and operators of ANY type of place. But for now, this offer is for commercial office, mixed use developments, and other large commercial projects. 


Access to PlaceTime is free to all - so please sign up to test the beta and let us know what sort of project you have in mind