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PlaceTime is now available in private beta. If you would like to test it out, and have a recent iOS device, use the form to request access.

If you have a particular property or project in mind, let us know in the form below!

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Stand out with an immersive 3D property exploration experience, accessible on mobile and tablet devices


Improve problematic spaces with PlaceTime, at a fraction of the cost of speculative real-world construction


Enable more natural communication and collaboration by aggregating all relevant data into natural spatial views

Quick Start Guide


Using PlaceTime


Q: How do I get PlaceTime on my device?

We use Apple's TestFlight to distribute our beta app. You will need to download on your device first - see further details in the beta welcome e-mail. 

Q:What devices do you support?

PlaceTime is developed and tested on iPad 2018 or iPad pro.

Q:Why do I have to scan the floor to start a session?

PlaceTime uses Augmented Reality to place a 3D map, including property models, into your environment, allowing you to walk around and explore property. To do this, we use Apple's ARKit, and your device's camera, which need to first find a plane to place the content.

Q:Can I align my device to the table instead of the floor?

PlaceTime was built to allow you to walk around inside 3D models in 1:1 scale. While it is possible to place the scene on a table, the walk inside experience won’t feel as real as if you use the floor.

PlaceTime for Properties


Q: Who uses PlaceTime?

Commercial real estate brokers use PlaceTime to share 3D property visualizations and property information with prospective tenants.

Q: How does my property appear PlaceTime?

We work with partners to provide the 3D representation for each property, and assemble this into an accurate 3D map of the world. Customers add content on top of the 3D scene, and then can privately share that view from within the PlaceTime app, 


While in private beta, we are developing custom quotes for each project - we will get you a quote on your project within 24 hours. 

Contact us below for a quote for your project.

Q: Do you support existing 3D models?

PlaceTime supports leading industry formats and media types, making it easy to get more life out of your existing assets.

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