• Bart Denny

How to create an AR Quick Look experience using a Matterport reality capture

With the spike in demand for virtual tours, we'll see this technology move to a must-have for all sorts of businesses, most obviously the real estate industry. And the race to stay ahead will continue, as agents look to go above and beyond the standard virtual tour.

Augmented Reality tours are the most effective way to do this - it's an immersive experience that allows users to feel a part of the space in a way that the usually mouse-tapping, bubble-hopping web tour simply can not.

And the core technology is AR technology is finally maturing, and now in the hands of hundreds of millions of us. And recent advances allow AR tours to be embedded in websites just as traditional virtual tours are. But now, users who are on mobile (and 85% of consumer are real estate hunting on mobile!) get something much better.

With a single tap on an iPhone or iPad, you can load a 3D model of a property, and explore it as if you were there, actually walking around inside it.


We're building AR property scenes for our customers - but much of this is possible to do yourself. Based on an outpouring of interest, we put together an in-depth tutorial that walks you through the process of taking a Matterport 3D scan to a live AR experience.