• Bart Denny

PlaceTime Oakland

SpatialFirst is happy to announce the beta launch of PlaceTime Oakland - a new way to explore and tour property from your mobile phone.

We’ve worked with Oakland office developers and brokers to bring rich, interactive 3D exploration to iPhones and iPads. PlaceTime uses Augmented Reality to enable walking through space in a true 1:1 scale, or to take a flyby tour of local amenities. It’s fully interactive and 3D, allowing users to explore and immerse on their own.

PlaceTime Oakland’s 3D city map is open to anyone who wants to tell stories about their places. We’re making it easy to those who own, manage or occupy a place to create a 3D Digital Twin of their space, and use that at the heart of their 3D storytelling. Based on the Unity game engine, PlaceTime delivers property animations and graphics that are the envy of HGTV - and fully interactive.

Brokers use PlaceTime to improve the first impressions of a property - and is a powerful upgrade when a space is shell and core, in need of reno, or does not yet exist. PlaceTime partners create the key 3D digital assets needed to represent a property. We work with Matterport Service providers, architects, 3D artists and all manner of photogrammetrist, making it easy to bring in the right type and quality of 3D representation to best suit the needs of your project.

Our customers own these models - we just make it easy to view all of them in context. We’re moving rapidly into an age of ubiquitous 3D mobile capture - and we know that building owners will want (need) to own this, and be able to instantly share context about Place and Time.

Once the Digital Twin infrastructure is in place, we use the models to deliver virtual tours, amenities flythroughs, and neighborhood highlights . We’re working to make these tours customizable, and easily sharable; we’re really excited to soon build a “live follow” mode which will let you lead people through spaces in a shared PlaceTime session.

Coming out of beta

We’ve learned a lot in the last few months from our beta testers - once they get familiar with flying around in PlaceTime, they love flying around these scenes to get access to the critical information they need to do their jobs.

PlaceTime’s spatial organization of real estate data puts the right brochures, notes, or contacts at their fingertips, right where they expect it, attached to the relevant place. Deep Links, placed into space - it’s like the entire world is now a dynamic QR code, and PlaceTime tools will make it easier and easier to place all sorts of content from your phone into your spaces and places.

The launch of PlaceTime Oakland brings with it a new interactive introductory experience - we’re teaching users how to fly, hover and walk through Oakland while taking them on a tour of some iconic city street art, captured in 3D using the mobile phone app After trying it yourself, send us the link - we’d like to feature new Oakland scans every week.

We’re aiming to launch a public version of PlaceTime this spring, but in the meantime are now opening up our beta test to the general public.

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We’d love any feedback, and are keen to hear what types of stories Oaklanders want to tell about their places.