• Bart Denny

The Basic AR Scene, Tabletop and Walking

It starts with a nice table-top view of the Matterport as "dollhouse" but then can be transitioned into a full walk-thru. Find any Easter eggs in this one?

From your iPhone or iPad, click the image below to launch, then point your phone at a flat area of your desk, table or counter.

(21Mb file temporarily downloaded to your phone)

If you already have an 3D model, such as a Matterpack's .OBJ, we'll turn it into a similar AR experience for your property.

$79 Basic Package - Limited to first 10 customers to mail

- Includes hosting for 1 month, $10/mo thereafter

- One audio clip integration

- Covers up to 5000sqft, but does not include model optimization (larger models need manual intervention to work on older phones)

See it in action here: