• Bart Denny

Zoom *from* anywhere

It's super-easy to get together with people in the same space, even with travel restrictions, using Augmented Reality Property Scenes and your mobile phone

Use a 3D AR conference room within 1 minute!

Try it now from your iOS device:

1. Launch Zoom or Google Hangouts, join a room. Click here to join the Zoom room for this space

2. Chose to share your screen:

in Zoom: chose "Share Content" -> "Screen" -> "Start Broadcast"

in Meet or Zoom: from Control Center (swipe down from the top right corner), choose the Screen Recording Icon, the service of your choice, and "Start Broadcast"

3. Go back to safari, and click on any image which includes Apple's "AR Quick Look" logo:

We're hosting a virtual happy hour Friday April 10th at 4:30pm, PST here:

Join us using the above conference room, where we will be, or show off another scene.

Any downloadable file on Sketchfab will work - search for a room here:

Most creative presentation of their scene wins a prize!